Funtoshop - The Game Boy Camera's Photoshop!
A Game Boy Camera Photo Editor

Game Boy Camera community isn’t dead!

This powerful software allows you to edit the shots taken with your olde GB Pocket Camera, and transferred to your computer with the Mad Catz Camera Link Cable. It covers many features of the original device, as the frame editing, the stamp mode, and contains some others useful functions, which are:

- A Mosaic Tool, allowing you to create mosaics of your pictures. You can also set your mosaics as wallpaper in the easiest way. Printing your shots become so easy!

- A Palette Mode, with this tool you can modify the original grey palette of the device, changing it by numerous color combinations.

- A Panorama Maker, you can assemble many pictures (cropped automatically) to create landscapes.

- FakeBoy Camera, a tool which convert any picture to GBCam one

- You can add your own frames and stamps.

It contains all the originals Game Boy Camera frames and stamps, but also the Japanese and the Gold (Zelda OOT Limited Edition) ones. Wild Frames are also included!

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